Welcome to Monitoring

Monitoring user friendly level of automation for monitoring and reporting.

In reality, we can do more than just monitoring, we can help validate compliance with regulations.
  • Need to monitor refrigerators to track the temperature of medical supplies or food inventory?
  • Need to provide Audit Reports for monitoring compliance?
  • Have a fish tank with exotic fish that requires tight regulation on temperature?
  • Would you like to know if the refrigerator in your home is having problems, before your food goes bad?
  • Have a business that must keep products at a special temperature for long periods of time?

Watch your coolers, refrigerators, freezers, fish tanks, almost anything you need to track, log, and monitor.

Packed with features and designed to be simple to meet your critical monitoring needs, freeing your time for other important tasks.

User controls with flexibility to set Email and/or Text alerts of critical levels designed to match your needs.